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Nika Samandas – Voice

$60/45 minutes, $75/hour (IN-HOME); $50/45 minutes, $65/hour (ON-LINE)

Nika Samandas – Voice

Nika is a seasoned singer and voice teacher with over 18 years of experience. Her journey began at the prestigious Kyiv Municipal Academy of Music in Ukraine, where she embarked on her professional path. Since then, music has been the heartbeat of her life.

With a versatile repertoire, Nika has taken the stage as the lead singer in original bands and cover bands, delivering multiple performances in events across China and Ukraine.

Nika gladly uses her expertise as a private vocal coach to nurture the talents of aspiring singers. In 2019, she embarked on an exciting adventure as a production singer on multiple cruise ships. While there, she collaborated with acrobats and dancers, showcasing her versatility through choreography and acting in addition to her singing talents.

Nika’s vocal capabilities span across a wide spectrum of genres, including pop, rock, blues, jazz, and musical theatre. Her journey has led her to Toronto, where she is dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge with aspiring vocalists. As a teacher, Nika is characterized by her kindness, empathy, and patience, always tailoring solutions to address specific challenges that her students may encounter. With Nika as your vocal guide, you can be confident in your pursuit of vocal excellence.