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A network of music instructors
in the Greater Toronto area

Music matters. It can be a vital factor in developing a young person's cognitive development and self-esteem, and encourages a sense of play and expression that is often lacking in our increasingly structured world. For adults, studying music also has a range of benefits, including improved memory and physical dexterity. However, even the most motivated students can lose interest without the right teacher.

At Forte Music Services, we inspire young minds while developing a love of music among our students. All of our curriculum is individually tailored, allowing students to provide input on what material they want to learn. No matter which instrument, we match you with someone who suits your needs. Best of all, whether it's at your home or virtually, we come to you!

We offer:

  • Private on-line or in-person lessons in your home during afternoon or evening hours.​
  • Patient and engaging one-on-one instruction by skilled, experienced and enthusiastic teachers.
  • Flexible, contemporary programs for any age, ability, style or instrument.
  • A year-end concert in a fun, supportive environment.
  • Theory training, songwriting guidance and RCM exam preparation.
  • Lessons from only $25 a week!​​