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Kirsten C.

“My family has had an amazing experience with Forte, going on five years now. We first reached out to Forte to locate a music teacher for our son (then 4 years old). We were immediately connected with a marvelous and talented teacher (Marc) who is a perfect fit for our family and has been able to take our son’s earliest musical stirrings to a performance level while building his confidence and love of music at the same time.

Along with Marc’s annual recitals, our son has also had the opportunity to participate in Forte's annual June recital – the quality of which is amazingly high. Here, he has exposure to children from all ages and musical disciplines as they perform their various instruments to the best of their abilities… and he gets to perform himself, relishing the chance to sing and play! We would highly recommend Forte to anyone interested in expanding or augmenting their child’s musical range and abilities.”

Evelina F.

"Daniel has taught guitar to my children (now teenagers) for many years. He has a special ability to make learning music both relatable and interesting. I would highly recommend Forte Music Services to anyone interested in music lessons."

​Rebecca G.

“Forte Music Services has been a fantastic experience for my family. We have an amazing teacher - fun, patient and flexible. He teaches great music, and it's a blast to listen to him play along as well. My husband, son and youngest daughter are all taking lessons with him, and I can't believe how much they have learned in such a short period of time!”

Karin S.

“Forte Music Services helped us find Greg, who has been tutoring my sons in our home for the past three years: one on guitar (14 years old) and one on drums (12 years old). Not only is Greg a great teacher, able to customize each lesson for their abilities, but he’s also accommodated their music tastes and has even got them performing together! I would absolutely recommend Greg and Forte Music Services to anyone looking for an excellent music teacher.”

Sarah P.

"Forte Music Services has provided our son with wonderful piano lessons with a patient and knowledgeable teacher. He has learned to play with strong musicality, while the teacher provides lessons that keep him engaged and enjoying every moment. I am one thankful parent!"

Jay S.

“All the teachers are great. Not just for me, an adult student, but they are great with my kids. The lessons are at home and the concert at the end of the year is a blast. Anybody thinking about music lessons, this is the way to go.”