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Tor Stangeland – Drums

$40/half-hour, $55/45 minutes, $70/hour (IN-HOME); $30/half-hour, $45/45 minutes, $60/hour (ON-LINE)

Tor has a vast experience of playing within multiple genres, and has a deep appreciation for many different types of music. He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree from Humber College, and is looking forward to taking on new students and sharing the love of music with aspiring drummers.

His teaching philosophy focuses on developing each individual’s unique voice behind the drums, coupled with a focus on technique, to make it easier for his students to communicate the music in their heads, through their hands, and to the drums. Having had many inspiring teachers, Tor recognizes that there are many ways to approach learning a piece, and each student has their own method that best suits them.

Tor tries to work with each student to discover which learning style works for them, so that lessons can be challenging, but fun and captivating! He looks forward to the process of teaching, and meeting the next generation of inspiring drummers.